4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your CCTV System

How long has your CCTV system been running? Are you happy with how it has functioned? If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably having doubts about that.

If you’re still undecided whether a new CCTV system is really necessary, keep reading. Inner Peace Security Systems, a provider of camera installation in Northern California, advises that you should consider an upgrade if:

  1. Your old CCTV system delivers unclear videos and images.

    If you still have older camera units, chances are they produce grainy photos or videos. The reason behind this is that their image resolution is limited by slow upload speeds. Since the cameras serve as the eyes of your system, this is a big disadvantage. Take note, even if you record an intruder but their image is indistinct this won’t be helpful evidence in court.

  2. Your old CCTV system offers a limited field of vision.

    Aside from grainy footage, older cameras also have a penchant for having blind spots. Other times, they might also have limited coverage of certain areas. However, with newer models, all those issues can be taken care of. In fact, some designs are now capable of obtaining a complete 360° vision. Thanks to these advancements, all the important areas of your premises will be covered.

  3. Your old CCTV system houses minimal storage.

    The storage capacity you need depends on what your business requires. In some cases, you might not need a lot of storage. However, you will still have to use enough storage space in order to keep images and videos. Smaller storage means that you won’t be able to record longer videos. On top of that, your capability for adding more cameras in the future would be limited.

  4. Your old CCTV system costs more to maintain.

    How much do you spend to get your equipment serviced? Many older models of CCTVs need to have each piece of equipment serviced.

    Yes, there is no strict time frame as to when you should consider an upgrade. Yet, there will be a point where maintaining your old system far outweighs its purpose. During that time, it would be more cost-efficient for you to invest in a new system instead. Sure, it may be a bit pricey from the get-go, but think about the advantages that come with it. You will get to enjoy added features that come with modern technology too.
Who can give you a better CCTV system?

Of course, there’s always the option to work on some DIY. But the question is, should you? CCTV systems that are not securely connected can easily be hacked and tampered with.

If you’re not that confident with your skills, call us. We render security system installation in Hayward California.

Our specialists are experienced and can take care of the job for you. Let us know what kind of specifications you want! Discuss your options with one of our representatives today. You can find our contact details below.
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