What to Do Before Installing CCTV Cameras

Security is one of the top priorities of any individual or business establishment. That is why many families and companies spend a good sum for a reliable security system installation in Hayward California. It can serve many purposes, one of which is to deter crime, and another, to be a source of reference when an incident arises. Before installing security cameras in your place, though, make sure to take note of the following:
  • Check the law.
    Make sure to educate yourself on regulations and laws about security camera installation in Northern California or in any other region you may be in. It can be easy to install CCTV cameras but using these cameras legally can be a bit complex. Talk to the proper authorities about the regulations and laws, not just those who say that they know the facts.
  • Consider the camera system you will use.
    You need a reliable and competent system to provide you the results you desire. All parts of the system should play their respective functions properly. These include the following:
    • Camera Power
      Make sure that the power capacity of the camera is about 40% of its needed supply to avoid overheating and voltage loss. Other considerations also include not operating the system in the same power circuit as generators and using the right thickness of the power cable.
    • Video Transmission
    • Digital Video Recorder
    • Time Lapse VCR
    • Framerate
    • Shutter Speed
    • And More…
    Make sure to test each parts ensuring their proper functionality prior to setup.
  • Choose between wired or wireless.
    Ideally, wired CCTV camera systems are better than wireless. The former is more reliable and does not need a lot of power. Unless your system will only run on basic operation, go for a wired connection.
  • Choose the right installation company.
    The quality of the work that the surveillance system installers in Northern California you have chosen is also a huge factor in the proper functionality of the entire system. Licensed and experienced installers will make sure that proper cabling is done, ensuring good quality work from the top down.
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